or how I killed my darlings (2022)


*Production is currently under re-construction and auditions for new members are taking place!*

Abandoned by her husband Jason, for whom she gave up everything, Medea devises and executes the most abominable plan that will restore justice and will hurt Jason to his very core. This year, Ludicrum United, is retelling Euripides’ Medea, an ancient tragedy, using a tragicomic adaptation. Drama, absurdity, live music and dance will all come together in a dazzling and anachronistic blending of the worlds of Greece and The Netherlands. 



Original text: Euripides

Adapted and directed by: Paris Petrou

Actors (in order of appearance):

Bilge San, Florence de Groot, Beta Schrier, Maria Alieva, Sven Versluis, Claire Worland and Andrew White

Production and design: Lionel Goyet

Set: Lars van der Zijden, Flauwekul Art

Costumes: Ava Precub

Make-up: Meiko Monteiro Visagie

Acting coach: Levien Reedijk