Amédée 2.0 OR Love me and leave me (2018)

Amédée, a failed writer, and Madeleine, his hysterical wife, live in isolation in their apartment in Paris. For the past 15 years their relationship has declined whilst a corpse inside their bedroom has been growing bigger and bigger. And the need to take action becomes increasingly urgent...

Absurdity and bittersweet humor in the first performance of Ludicrum United, based on “Amédée or How to get rid of it” by Ionesco (English-spoken).

From the original play, Amédée to Madeleine:
“What I mean to say… Perhaps we didn’t know how to cope with the situation; perhaps we ought to have taken it more philosophically. You know what I mean? All this might have turned differently if we learnt to accept things. We never tried everything; we never did all we could to make him feel at home. We’ve all behaved badly one time or another so we ought to be more tolerant. Otherwise life is impossible. We can’t be expected to understand everything… So we ought to be broadminded.”


Written by: Eugene Ionesco
Adapted and directed by: Paris Petrou
Actors: Florence de Groot, André Suidman, Bilge San, Rohaan Thomas Mathew, Diana Jones and Ian Evans
Acting coach: Levien Reedijk
Design team: Lionel Goyet, Mo Georgia Clouting and Julien Goyet

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