The Board

Paris Petrou

Paris is the founder and artistic director of Ludicrum United. As a psychology researcher by day and a theater fanatic by night, he likes to search for explanations, but he is also attracted to absurd stories. He first directed theater in high school in Greece: the “Bald Soprano”, by Eugene Ionesco. He writes short stories, plays and scripts and he has followed several acting and directing courses in Greece and in Utrecht Centrum voor de Kunst (UCK). He directed the first theatrical production of the group, “Amédée 2.0 or Love me and leave me”, inspired again by whom else? Eugene Ionesco.

Lionel Goyet

Even though Lionel played in the theatre company of the French village where he grew up, he prefers nowadays to be a producer. He takes care of the funds requests for the group and he is involved in the design of the set, the poster and the flyers. He also loves to order pizzas, wine and beer for the Ludicrummers.

Levien Reedijk

Levien Reedijk, a graduate from the Academie voor Theater, Tilburg. He makes his way in life by connecting himself to a broad variety of projects. Being a fox one day, a highschool teacher on another day. To sum it up he is partly actor, writer, director and teacher. Contraposed to this broad interest is his specific interest in animals, including humans. Finding out how they move, behave and live. Learning scientific viewpoints and then transforming them to performance and theatre. Inspired by having acted in it years ago, he now prepares the stage and the ludicrummers for a new adaptation of "Exit the King" in 2019.

The players of the current production:

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