Ludicrum Members

Paris Petrou

Lionel Goyet

Levien Reedijk

Paris is a psychology teacher and researcher by day and a theater fanatic by night. He likes to search for explanations but he is also attracted to absurdity. His first theater direction was in high school: the “Bald Soprano”, by Eugene Ionesco. He writes short stories, plays and scripts and he has followed acting and directing courses in Greece and in The Netherlands. In 2017, he founded Ludicrum United and directed its first theatrical production, “Amédée 2.0 or Love me and leave me”. For the current production, he’ll be diving with the group in the deep waters of “Medea”, using a tragicomic adaptation he has made based on the famous ancient play.

Lionel lives in Holland for more than 25 years. Even though he played in the theatre company of the French village where he grew up, he prefers nowadays to be a producer. He takes care of the funds applications for the group, he is also involved in the design of the set and costumes, he makes the poster and the flyers, contacts the theatre and loves to order pizzas, wine and beer for the ludicrummers.

Levien is a theater teacher, director and actor. Taking from each of these roles new information to put in practice  for the other roles. He plays in educational performances for high schools(Bureau Horizon) and elementary schools (Signatuur Onbekend). He also teaches the craft of theater at high schools and to the young kids at BO!INK. Last year he directed the play Exit the King and this year supporting Medea, while brooding on the next new project!

Claire Worland

Sven Versluis

Beata Schrier

British born, Claire moved to the Netherlands in 2016 to escape the perils of Brexit. Back in England, her first professional production was in the West End touring play The Woman in Black. She later joined the ensemble touring theatre company, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, playing many Shakespearean roles. Later Claire took on the mammoth role of Winnie in Samuel Beckett's Happy Days, winning Best Actress for North Essex. Since arriving on Dutch soil, she has trained with Mulholland Academy, took part in the Leeuwarden 48 hour film competition and has recorded many voice overs for the amazing Rotterdam-based artist Era Vati

As the quintessential nerdy kid in secondary school, Sven was first cast as Hud in the musical Hair in the extracurricular program. Having been bitten by the theatre bug, he played a few more musical productions, next to an active competitive amateur ballroom dancing career. Playing musical theatre proved a longer lasting passion and while playing My Fair Lady, he met the future founders of BO!NK Theater, for whom he is now active both on and off stage since 2011. Trained in method acting (Stanislavski), viewpoints and improv, as well as having played musical theatre, Sven is an enthusiast for black humour and oneliners. And musicals, of course - one cannot see to0 many musicals.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, the first 8 years of her theatrical experiences were all in Dutch. She fell in love with English theatre mainly because of the great diversity in actors from all over the world. She has been in theatre since 2008 performing in musicals, dance performances and a variety of smaller and bigger productions. Along the way she has met amazing people and made many friends showing that theatre has the ability to reallly connect people regardless of age, gender or nationality.  

Florence de Groot

Maria Alieva

Andrew White

Grown up in the French Pyrenées with Molière, La Troupe du Splendide and Agnès Jaoui , Florence started to play again in The Netherlands in 2012. She followed classes on acting methods and in-depths Meisner workshops. She plays slapstick, dramas and comedies together with SNEU and Ludicrum United with an unbeatable French accent. Driven by challenges and good texts, she learned to knit for her Madeleine role in Amedee and to tie noose for her waitress role in Apocalypso. She is excited to explore new skills as chorum in the ancient Greek tragedy Medea together with great enthusiastic fellows.   

Maria is a Russian spy grown up in Spain. As part of her spy training she has been acting since she was a kid which developed her passion for theater. When she moved to the Netherlands in 2013 she co-founded an english speaking group in Utrecht: the Cheeseheads. She acted and directed with the Cheeseheads several comical productions as this is her favorite part of theater: making people laugh! Sadly the group dissolved and Maria spent one year without theater... Toughest year of her life! So she was very happy to be back on stage with Ludicrum in 2019 for the production of Medea!

Andrew grew up in the UK and started acting when he was nine, playing Ali G in a school performance. He has since been fixed, and hopes to keep doing theatre all his life. He has lived in Amsterdam now for three years, and acting with people from all over the world has proven to be very exciting!