Exit the King (2019)

This year we dive into a never-ending human struggle. Death. And there is no one better to show us than the great king Bérenger, for he must die. It is written in the stars, its announced by his guard, prognosed by his doctor, annoyingly reminded by his first wife and even his kingdom shows the signs of an ending in sight. As he rages his final hour on the stage, full sound and fury, he tries everything to evade the end of the play.
It is a comical yet tragic, or tragical yet comic insight in our relationship with death, fate and the inevitabel.


Written by: Eugene Ionesco
Adapted and directed by: Levien Reedijk
Actors (in order of disappearance!): Bilge San, André Suidman, Ingrid Wesselink, Paris Petrou, Anique Greijmans, Rohaan Thomas Mathew.
Production and design: Lionel Goyet
Make-up: Meiko Monteiro Visagie

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